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arts season 2020

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In its fifth year running, Victoria Park's Arts Season 2020 is set to be a whirlwind of events, activities, exhibitions, projects and initiatives covering all areas of the arts happening around the Town.

The Vic Park Collective have engaged some amazing individuals to put together some fun stuff for our community!

Street Art Walking Tours

Join Adie from Oh Hey WA on a walking tour exploring some of Vic Park and East Vic Park's best street art and the stories behind them. For more information visit our Street Art Walking Tours page.

street art walking tour victoria
Vic Park Projection Fest


On Saturday the 21st of March the inaugural Vic Park Projection Fest will present four big scale projection/audio-visual art pieces, each illuminating a different concept of ‘place’, as it applies to Victoria Park. You'll be able to find these illuminated pieces around Albany Highway in East Victoria Park. For more information visit our Vic Park Projection Fest page.

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Park Flicks Outdoor Movies


Our third season of Park Flicks will be part of Arts Season with four documentaries showing for free in local parks. You can find more information on our Park Flicks page.

Vic Park Flicks - Website Slider.jpg
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