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guiding principles

creative collaboration


To work together with local residents, businesses, local council and community groups to develop inventive and innovative ideas to make our Town uniquely awesome; to contribute to and encourage a thriving cultural scene.


community connectivity


To be social connectors; to bring people out of their houses into public spaces to participate in fun shared experiences together; to focus on the positive opportunities to make our Town better; to be a grass roots sounding board, able to advocate to Council about local initiatives.




To make our Town a place where people of all ages and social circumstances feel welcome and are able to be included in community life. To ensure that as it grows and changes, the Town remains inclusive and diverse by strengthening the social connections between locals, small business and community groups.




To look for opportunities to make our Town more sustainable and promote environmentally progressive strategies to local council, businesses and residents.


The Vic Park Collective has prepared its Three Year Strategy Plan 2017-2020 to help shape our group’s future direction.


The Collective is entirely independant and volunteer run, with a committee to oversee our activities and several working groups that develop initiatives around particular areas of interest.


If you like the sound of a project and want to join in or have another idea you'd like to try, drop us an email.


You can download a PDF copy of our Strategy Plan here.

Vic Park Collective Strategy Plan
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