street art walking tours

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For Arts Season 2020 we asked people to join us on a walking tour exploring some of Vic Park and East Vic Park's best street art and the stories behind them. We engaged Adie from Oh Hey WA to curate and run the tour.

The first tour was on Sunday 1st of March. It started at Social Manna with their very own mural by Bec Abdy. Everybody enjoyed a drink before we headed off down hidden alleys and pieces of art we'd passed many times but never noticed. We ended the tour at the Dutch Trading Co and viewed the murals inside their venue.

The second tour was on Saturday 7th of March. It started at Green Bunch with a drink in their lovely cafe garden, venturing along Albany Highway and down hidden laneways, ending up at The Balmoral which has a HUGE collection of murals adorning their walls.