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first annual

vic park

lasagne bake-off

The Vic Park Collective presents: 

The First Annual Victoria Park Lasagne Bake-Off.


Start practising because the competition will be fierce!

There are four categories.


Restaurants, cafes and food businesses are invited to submit their best lasagne for judging by our expert panel. The winner will take home the converted, best professional lasagne in Vic Park trophy! 


Home cook - traditional lasagne

Home cooks who think they have what it takes to be crowned as Vic Park's best traditional lasagne maker are asked to bring their baked goody no less than 20 x 30 cm to our event and be tested by the expert panel.


Home cook - vegetarian lasagne.

We recognise the rising trend of meat-free lasagne. For this level, no meat products, including stock, are to be used. Again, your pie must be 20x 30cm minimum and super delicious if you want to be crowned the best.


The people's choice award.

Here's the fun bit, spectators can pay the low price of $5 to eat. Each person will get one vote for the people's choice award. This spans across all of the above 3 categories, so get down for the feast. Individuals will be showered with praise if they bring a salad to go with the feast.


Rule to the game can be found here.
Judging Criteria can be found here.

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