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projection fest

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Vic Park Projection Fest

On Saturday the 21st of March the inaugural Vic Park Projection Fest will present four projection/audio-visual art pieces, each illuminating a different concept of ‘place’, as it applies to Victoria Park. From the ancient roots and continuing living history and culture as Aboriginal land, and Noongar Boodja, through historical aspects and documented physical history of the commercial strip, to a tongue in cheek reference to the car yards and main motor channel that have characterised Vic Park’s recent history to a metaphysical or emotional experience of local living and community, expressed in more abstract colour and movement.

Featuring some of Perth’s premiere projection/AV artists, the Vic Park Projection Festival is a community based arts event that aims to activate areas of Victoria Park and the much beloved Albany Hwy strip and repurpose it’s nooks and crannies as a live canvas to promote community, connectivity and curiosity. The #Vicparkprojectionfest boasts five prominent Perth artists artists to engage local audiences, reward those who may stroll off the beaten track, bring together community to discuss and appreciate art as well as activate spaces by, quite literally, bringing them into the light; Look up and see familiar places a-new.

For the latest updates head to the Facebook event page or follow Vic Park Projection Fest on Instagram.

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