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classic album sundays

At a particularly good committee meeting a while ago we came up with the idea of playing old records from start to finish in a public space and go old-school; no smartphones, no distractions, just chill out and listen to some classic tunes. Then we discovered there was a thing called “Classic Album Sundays”. From the Classic Album Sundays website:

I wanted people to hear music in the way in which I had and have been so lucky to enjoy it: contextually, communally, uninterrupted, and in the best sonic detail possible. I wanted music lovers to immerse themselves into an album that has helped shape our culture and socio-political values…..and I wanted the experience to be shared by people who may not normally sit together in a room, united only by their love of music

Vic Park Collective along with local business Rhubarb Records would like to bring this experience to Vic Park so we will be hosting a listening session on the last Sunday of every month at the Vic Park Mini-Lab. Each session will have a different theme to please different music tastes. Got a request? Check out the Rhubarb Records Facebook Event page for suggestions and voting rights!


Numbers are limited so please register for each session with a ticket from Eventbrite. 




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