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Evolve - what the heck is it?

Some of the Vic Park Collective Committee members participating in their own Evolve Workshop

Have you heard of Evolve? Do you know what it is?

We weren’t exactly sure either and figured we should probably find out. So committee members had ourselves a little visioning workshop (instagram photo above). You can have your own too (even in the privacy and comfort of your own home if you ask very nicely).

So, what is Evolve?

Legally every Local Government is required to produce a Strategic Community Plan (SCP) (the document that outlines the 10-15 year vision of where they are headed). Normally SCPs are written by the Local Government, given to the community for feedback, minimal changes made in response to any feedback received and then published.

Following poor community consultation (think Town Centre proposals) the Town of Victoria Park have introduced a new way of producing the SCP. Instead of writing it themselves (thinking they know what the community want), they are spending a significant amount of time actually asking the community for its vision and ideas.

This community engagement process is what the Town refer to as Evolve.

Why should I give a damn?

First of all, it isn't just for ratepayers. This is about how the Town spends money on services and amenities. It's about enjoying the place you live and work. Where do you see the Town in 15 years time? Let them know so they can aspire to get there! Are there changes you want to see in the Town? If so, speak up! This is your chance to be heard! Because if you want things to happen in the Town they have to be captured in the Evolve process. If they aren’t in Evolve, they won’t get funded!

Why should I participate?

Because this is the best opportunity to tell your Council how you see the future of Vic Park! To influence the direction this Town takes over the next ten to fifteen years. To do your civic duty!

What is involved?

The level of commitment is up to you. The highest level of participation is a fortnightly three hour workshop (that are held over five months), the lowest form of commitment is participating in online forums or one-off community workshops. Your best bet is checking out the Evolve page and deciding for yourself.

The Vic Park Collective participated in an Agora 2 style workshop where we can pick and choose the services or projects we want to focus on. Our initial workshop focused on what our group found important. But it's not just a matter of writing down ideas, the workshops have been formulated to make you figure out what is important for the better good. We found it really interesting what our final ideas board looked like.

Ok, ok I'm convinced. Now, how do I get involved?

For all the information on Evolve check out the website:

You can also email the Evolve team on or call the Town on 9311 8111 and ask to speak to someone about getting involved in Evolve!

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