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Vic Park Neighbourhood Soup October 2016 Winner

Jason Wiktorowicz transformed a Uni assignment on ways to educate about sustainability into a cool community project for Millen Primary School. He was one of four presenters at our Vic Park Neighborhood Soup event on October 11, and won the vote and $670 to develop his idea.

With the cash, Jason will establish a garden for Year 4 students at Millen Primary to care for.

The main goal is to educate the students about the sustainability aspect of food security and what we can do at the local level”, said Jason. “We want to get kids involved in finding out where their food comes from”.

He envisions the project evolving with students ant their families starting their own veggie or herb gardens at home. Additionally, Jason wants to teach the kids about separating green waste and composting.

Thanks to community members who attended the micro-granting dinner at The Dutch Trading Company, Jason will now have a bit of cash to kickstart his project.

Inspired by Detroit Soup, Vic Park Neighbourhood Soup offers an opportunity for the community to discover and fund local ideas and projects. This was the 6th edition of Vic Park Soup, which has raised around $4000 for local projects since April 2015.

Vic Park Neighbourhood Soup is organised by The Vic Park Collective, with sponsorship from The Dutch Trading Company and Rotary.

This time we had beautiful tunes played by Ellie Del Cashin and a great audience to hear the proposals and vote.

Alongside Jason, we heard from Gladys Demissie, Evelyn McKay and Ethan Dowley.

Gladys is a volunteer with St Vincent De Paul Society and proposed to provide about 50 Christmas hampers to people in need in the Vic Park area.

A local mother, Evelyn wants to start a monthly group for parents of kids with autism and ADHD as a way to connect and support each other. Since her presentation, she’s got a small group to meet at the Vic Park Mini Lab.

And fifteen-year old Ethan proposed creating a Youth Club to encourage kids between 12 and 18 years old to take an active role in their community and maybe evolved to form the Vic Park Youth Advisory Council.

If you would like to contact any of them and lend at hand with their projects, drop us a line and we’ll make the connection.

Vic Park Neighborhood Soup will be back in the first quarter of 2017 for more micro-funding creative and community projects, stay tuned!

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