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Collective Conversations: Sustainable Housing

The new trend in housing in Australia is baugruppen. Literally, it means ‘build together’. Practically, it involves a group of people coming together to be their own developer, design and build the housing they want. In the process, they help to build sustainable communities.

Attendees to our Collective Conversations on November 9 got to hear about Landcorp’s White Gum Valley development and its One Planet Living framework, with loads of sustainable features.

Warren Phillips, Landcorp’s Senior Project Director, also talked about the Gen Y Demonstration Project, which aims at providing affordable and sustainable housing for young Australians, and the Baugruppen Innovation Project.

Eugenie Stockmann from Green Fabric told us the story of The Green Swing, her own cooperative and sustainable housing project in Vic Park.

Now involved in forming a group to bid for the opportunity of developing a baugruppen project in Fremantle, Eugenie challenged the audience to envision the housing we want for Vic Park in 20 years. Surely there is room to be more innovative and sustainable, and The Green Swing is a great showcase of what can be achieved.

Finally we heard from Shane Cremin, from Infinite Energy, about the solar revolution and the difference batteries will make in the market. If solar panels are already a great investment – with return in less than 3 years - batteries will change the game and allow residences to use energy they produce in the evenings.

Collective Conversations is one of Vic Park Collective’s signature events. By bringing experts in a field of interest, we aim to inform and inspire our local community.

For this event, The Balmoral kindly allowed use of their upstairs meeting room, ArtXpress printed our posters and local cafe Little Raw Deli provided yummy sweet treats as gifts to our speakers. A huge thank you to all who came and enjoyed the community vibes!

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