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Plastic Free in Vic Park: Baker's Delight

Nothing beats a fresh loaf of bread to go with pretty much any meal!

And you really don’t need any plastic to wrap it: ask for a paper bag, bring a cloth bag or reuse a plastic one.

Bakers Delight in the Park Centre is happy to accommodate, just ask Domenica or Jessica at the counter.

I am pro environment”, says Domenica. “I use my own shopping bags, and have a compost bin at home”. She hopes that by setting an example, others will follow.

Some of our customers are already doing it, some wash the plastic bags they got from us and bring it back to reuse”.

Bakers Delight supports the Plastic Free July challenge by encouraging the use of plastic alternatives. “But the customer has to ask”, adds Domenica.

The Vic Park Collective’s Plastic Free July Supporter poster on the counter helps to start the conversation.

Domenica says loves engaging with customers about the issue. “I am keen to continue the plastic free campaign beyond July”, she adds.

In July or beyond, once you get home with your loaf, keep it in an airtight container to avoid it going stale. And if you have a bit of time and some sewing skills, have a try at making a bread bag yourself!

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