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Plastic Free in Vic Park: Jewel of the Park

Amar from Jewel of the Park was one of the first businesses in Vic Park to join our Plastic Free July Campaign having noted that a large part of his business is in takeaway orders. A few clients have been bringing in their own containers but those last minute orders on the way home from work make it harder. Amar is still keen to find a plastic free solution for his takeaway containers and is already looking into sturdier containers that could be borrowed and brought pack (much like the Go2Cup system at neighbouring café Antz HQ).

Another plastic item that seemed important to customers was the plastic bag (if you’ve ever had takeaway curry leak in your car you know why!) but Amar has noted a significant drop in his plastic bag consumption with customers bringing in their own reused plastic bags or opting to use the paper bags he is now supplying.

765 Albany Hwy

East Vic Park

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